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Queen Oramin-F 2012

Queen Oramin-F 2012

  • 20-08-2022
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A Queen selection hosted by Oramin-F, a Korean-made medicine manufactured by AA Medical Products Ltd., was celebrated in the evening of February 11, in the Myanmar Convention Centre of Mindama Road in Yangon.

Guests from the film, music, literary, journalistic, and business industries attended and supported the selective ceremony. Daewon Pharma Co. Ltd's (Korea) Mr. Seung Ryel Baek gave the opening monologue.  To select three winners for each of Queen Oramin-F's three age divisions, 20 contestants from all across the country who were vying for the spot of Queen in stunning beauty first vied for the 12 finalist quotas.

The results are:
The Queen of the youngest age group is: Khine Thazin Ngu War (no. 18)

1st Runner-up: Khine Thazin Yu War (no. 17)

2nd Runner-up: Phoo Pwint Thazin (no. 19)

Best Complexion: Zun Pwint Ko Ko (no. 5)

Best Costume အင်ကြင်းထူး [ခါးနံပါတ်(၉)]  တို့က ဆွတ်ခူးရရှိခဲ့ပါသည်။

The Queen of the middle age group is: Nwe Darli Tun (No. 2)

1st Runner-up: Myat Noe Eain (no. 13)

2nd Runner-up: Wai Wai Thin (no. 17)

Best Complexion: Nwe Darli Tun (no. 2)

Best Costume: Pyae Pyae (no. 11)

The Queen for the oldest age group is: Hla Nu Tun (no. 5)

1st Runner-up:  Win Win Yee & Kyi Sin Thant Thu (no. 1)

2nd Runner-up: Mu Mu San (no. 3)

Best Complexion: Mu Mu San (no. 3)

Best Costume: Hla Nu Tun (no. 5)