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High School Queen Oramin- F 2014

High School Queen Oramin- F 2014

  • 20-08-2022
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Results of the High School Queen Oramin-F Pageant

The High School Queen Oramin-F pageant was held in the evening of May 15, 2014, at Sule Shangri-la Hotel (formerly Traders Hotel) in Yangon. Oramin-F is a Korean supplement imported and distributed by AA Medical Products Ltd.  

Many distinguished guests from the industries of film, music, and art attended the event, with the welcome speech being delivered by Dr. Saw Nay Nwe, Executive Director of AA Medical Products Ltd., Pacific-AA Group. The event saw a total of 257 participants and 42 finalists compete for the crown.

The results are as follows:
Winner No 31, Thet Lone Pone 3,000,000 lakhs
1st Runner-Up No 34, La Mhone Ja Sai Saw 2,000,000 lakhs
2nd Runner-Up No 37, Poe Poe Shwe Yi 1,000,000 lakhs
Best Complexion No 1, Mhuu Thakin 700,000 lakhs
Best Costume No 5, Than Thar Moe Theint 700,000 lakhs

Oramin-F is a women’s health supplement that contains various beneficial ingredients such as royal jelly, vitamin E, and zinc for beautiful skin and great hair. Zinc can prevent acne. Vitamins A, C, and E have anti-aging properties. Iron helps circulate blood. Lecithin can aid fat loss, and natural Korean ginseng provides better immunity and clearer and healthier skin.